Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update: American Cancer Society fundraiser

So far everything is going according to plan. Just need to go buy food stuffs so I can munch on crap while everything is going on.

The games I have all set for tomorrow are...

Beatmania IIDX series (maybe even the originals)

Assassin's Creed 1 & 2 (First playthrough)

GTA 4 (First playthrough)

Fallout 3 (First playthrough)

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (First playthrough)

VVVVVV (If I can get the computer stuff up and running)

The Elder Scrolls: Arena (again... If I can get computer shit up and running)

Maybe other stuff if I get too bored

I've been wanting to playthrough the Persona games, and even finish up some older ones I've been working on. (Missing: Since January anyone?)

The starting time hasn't been decided yet. I'll just start whenever I wake up I think. Fun will be had, and money will be raised. I hope we raise a lot!

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