Saturday, August 18, 2012

The reason I hate xbox live.

Now most people would complain about the kids on there, or the gaming community in general. Maybe even talk about a bad experience in a game. Like say they were killed off by someone a far lower level than them, and go on to accuse that person of cheating, but no I've never had any grievances like that. The only reason why I dislike xbox live is because of the billing system.

I'm the type of person that only subscribes to live when there is a deal going on. Usually the 1 month $1 deals. Mainly because I'm not much of an online gamer. I use it mainly for video watching and such. The only time I ever play games online would be on PC only. *insert master race statement here* So I clearly don't use the system that often only occassionaly for netflix, or crackle.

Back in the day when you wanted to turn off auto renewal you'd do that through the phone only. I wasn't aware that every time you make a new subscription the option automatically turns on. However, with the newer changes you can easily do that online.

But god help you if you forget about that because the only email confirmation you get is one on the day of the renewal. Okay how do you cancel the subscription? Well you can't do that online yet, so you have to call in.

Guess what I spent my day doing today? That's right, I was calling in. So after explaining to the person on the phone that I just received the email, and that I already turned off the auto-renewal that I'd like to get this current subscription cancelled. I was met with a "I'm sorry, all that we're allowed to do is turn off the automatic renewal and nothing else." Oh the fuck reallly? Let me kindly divert your attention to this.







Of course when I bring up this fact I was put on hold for 10 minutes while they figure out what to do only to get back to me and continue saying "Sorry but we can't do that." Well someone might want to fix that on the website. "I'll have someone look into it."

You're fucking kidding me right?

So I hang up on them, and this time go back to the online support section and request a call from one of them. Which presents you with a text input box to explain what your issue is and what you want to do. So when I received the call the person obviously didn't bother reading what I wrote, because I had to explain it again. This is why I also hate text inputs before customer service reps contact you. You could write the most hateful thing in the world. You could probably be in the middle of being murdered, and the people won't read your pleas for help.

At least when you use the call me section of the support they actually do their job as described. It took less than 5 minutes for the chick on the line with me to cancel the subscription, AND get my money back... It's a god damn miracle.

What's sad is that I can't even blame this on a call center that was outsourced to some Indians (dot kind, not the woo-woo), and blame it on poor English usage. This was purely an issue with people not knowing how to do their job.

Of course todays incident isn't the only thing that makes me dislike them. It has always been the support staff, and how they handle issues. I really won't bother going into those details because just thinking about them now still causes my blood to boil and make me instinctively reach for a gun and/or knife.

Enough of that stuff though. There will be an update soon with music and shit.

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