Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Blip.tv update: As a warning.

The next few updates for the Let's Plays are going to be a little weird. In the sense that I'm recording them while I'm feeling tired/drained. Which normally isn't like me honestly. I stay up LAAAAAAAATE to the point where I think I might have insomnia, but today I feel dead... Really dead.

Anyways, the reason why I'm recording them while I'm tired is because Tomb Raider 2 doesn't like the newer 3.x updates for my nVidia card. This also brings up the point as to why I posted the latest Let's Play videos so slowly and pretty late. With having to downgrade to get the game running it caused Adobe Premiere Pro to act extremely slow with rendering the videos. Normally I render the video once, and check it to make sure everything went smooth... If not I had to do it again. What normally took 2-3 hours now takes 6+ hours for my standard length of videos. SO in regards to getting them to render at the normal speed I decided I should record the rest of the game as quick as I can then upgrade. The uploading process will still be the same as I explained in the episodes I posted on the weekend. I'll post them in increments of 3 stages.

In other words, I apologize if I end up really quiet in the videos as I'm fighting sleep, and am trying to focus on the game.

The next game on the list was going to be Riven, but I honestly won't feel very comfortable playing that without my co-commentator Bluefinz, so I may skip out on that and play an older game that I own and haven't beaten or touched since I was a wee little chillun in elementary school.

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