Saturday, December 29, 2012

Let's Play: Season 2 Finale

Track 1: “The Impact (Vocal Intro)” by Tha Playah NEO068

Track 2: “Lessons in Love (Headhunterz Remix)” by Kaskade ft. Neon Trees UL7852

Track 3: “Death Sentence” by Digital Punk & Waverider TILLT005

Track 4: “Lifestyle is Hardstyle” by Burn Soldier FREE RELEASE! Burn the DJ Tool

Track 5: “Lift Me Up” by Brennan Heart BHM002

Track 6: “Missing” by Petruccio & Modulate ft. Marie Louise FWORLDAADD001

Track 7: “Runaway (Breeze Remix)” by Technikore FWORLD021

Track 8: “Why Does My Heart [Can’t Buy My Love]” by Re-Con & Squad E TW11

Track 9: “Tidal Wave (Exclusive NewEdit)” by DJ DEPATH & M-Project BCCOMP002 Hard to Find!

Track 10: “T-T-Techno ft Jesskah” by S3RL RLNTDIGI064

Track 11: “Dynamo Cookie (Peaks & Pinnacle’s VIP)” by Peaks & Pinnacle RBMCD005 (Limited Release) Not available!

Track 12: “Break It Back Down” by Sam B RBMCD005 (Limited Release) Not available!

Track 13: “Deceptive Hard Korobeiniki” by Shintaro WHCD0014

Track 14: “Nothing Else Matters” by DJ Mad Dog & The Stunned Guys TRAX0093

Track 15: “The Impact” by Tha Playah NEO068

Track 16: “Run To You” by Ham vs S.O.U.L NG097

Track 17: “Green Hills” by S3RL & Auscore RLNTDIGI071

Track 18: “Spectrum (DJ Noriken Remix)” by Zedd FREE RELEASE!

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