Sunday, November 7, 2010

Been so busy...

With IRL it's not funny...

I haven't posted in so long and I apologize from the cockles of my sub-cockles of my heart.
I have finished the crocheting project, and started working on a small amigurumi toy for someone who's about to pop out a demon from their womb. Meanwhile, juggling looking for work nonstop/filling out applications, doing some music things (CLICK HERE), some art projects that I haven't touched in ages, and a bunch of other side projects I'd like to put together in the future.
I recently bought a 360, and have been breaking that in. Bought 4 games for it, but only really touched two of them, and messing with the insides of the 360. Which I can now officially declare as the XBAAAAAAAWX since the internal operation I did on the thing was successful.
In other words, I can get more games now. I will not say how, but I will get them, and play them I shall.
In the meantime, some of you are wondering when the next review will be up. I'm hoping Part 1 will be done very soon, but there might be a little break between Part 1 and Part B. Just please bare with me.

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