Thursday, March 24, 2011

Minecraft skins

This week I've been hanging out at my friends place, and after getting in an argument with some people I know online I ended up getting kinda bored, and decided to start up a new world in Minecraft.
If you don't know what Minecraft is go to google, and search it up... Or better yet CLICK THIS!

Anyways, I eventually got even more bored and decided to make some character skins. It's only two, and they're both the same character. Most of you won't be surprised when I share this, but...

Yeah I doubt anyone will really recognize him unless you play DDR, or maybe the Wii version of Pop'N Music, but this is Roku originally from Pop'N Music 6 (top) and later on 10 (bottom). I have to say though the preview pics screwed up how it looks in game... You don't see the extra layers well.
Original images (c) Konami

I was going to make a Dave one (PnM 11), but I realized part way through how much of a pain in the ass it'd be. I did pretty much make one, but it's not complete yet.
Regardless, you can download Roku as your skin by going to the Skindex website, or downloading it at the bottom of this page and uploading it on the Minecraft website.
I would like to do a skin for all the Pop'N characters, but it's a pain to find their alternate color pics. (By which I mean if you pick a character in game and then choose their song the computer is in different colors) Speaking of which I do plan on doing the alternate coloration of Roku as soon as I find a reference instead of from memory.

Roku PnM 6
Roku PnM 10

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