Monday, April 4, 2011


That's right... Fuck you...
You're horrible at making games... Always full of glitches, but nothing quite as bad as Daggerfall...
This is by FAR the worst one out of all of them.
If you jump down and you touch a wall mid fall you will glitch through it? Really?! REALLY?!
Not to mention how confusing as fuck the final area is you'd NEED a walkthrough just to get through it, and all the ones out there don't mention the fact for one KEY lever to unlock the final door which took me 3+ hours to find, Not to mention the fact to get up to these doors you need to CLIMB and climbing is SO FUCKING DIFFICULT because you have to be perpendicular with the fucking WALL... If you're off by just ONE FUCKING PIXEL You can't climb.
I spent most of my fucking time streaming this pile of horse shit with a shimmering hope that the ending would be awesome... I mean JESUS... This is the first one with Live Action cutscenes... LIVE ACTION... But what the FUCK DO I GET?
A 5-6 SECOND CLIP OF A CGI BOOK TURNING AND A 3 second audio clip of a DISEMBODIED VOICE SAYING THAT SOME GUY USED THE MAGIC PLOT ITEM TO STOP THE ARMIES FROM DESTROYING SHIT!! THE END! I will RAPE/MURDER anyone related to this game that I come into contact with in the future... INCLUDING their families, and friends. (Yeah i probably won't rape, but murder is very imminent.

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