Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trance Music (copied from my y-gallery)

You know a lot of people can't stand the genre because it seems so slow, and melodic. I say...

A: You really haven't looked into it much have you?
B: LOL n00b
C: There's so much more... *SADFACE*
or D: All of the Above

A lot of people even go "Oh he's mixing trance *yawn* so boring". There's a lot of songs considered trance out there that are so damn powerful that when you find out that it's trance you be all like "wtf? this shit ain't be trance".

However, unlike other DJ sets, mixing trance is rather difficult. The songs are really made to be full length. Unlike other music you can take song A and pop it in the middle of song B and transition over. So it'd be like the first couple of minutes only of song A actually played.
YES you can mix a song in the middle of it, but A you really need to be aware of the musical key, and B really know the songs by heart to know if they will go good together.

I have talked to so many people in the past that when I say I mix trance they go "LOL that's so easy compared to *insert the style of their choice here*" It's at the point now when I just go "LOL prove it" and hours later they come back and go "Okay I was wrong." Just because you think it maybe be "boring" doesn't mean that it's easy.

tl;dr shit is more complex than any other dance genre out there.
tl;dr 2 (This bitch got it right)

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