Monday, July 4, 2011

Copyright law trying to pass.

When Congress decided to not allow any copyrighted material on the internet?

That's because there's a law that's trying to be passed about it.

You may think oh that's nothing to worry about, but think about it. That means, no background music on youtube videos, no video game stuff at all on youtube, same as everywhere else on the net.

What this honestly means for me? Well the worst thing is that I won't be able to post DJ streams on the web, or do them live on the web. Why is that bad? Most of the money (if not all of it that I make) Is from doing live gigs. Most of the places I go is because they hear me on the web. This doesn't even have to do with me too. Here's a bit of a history lesson.

Back in the day night clubs would stay open until the weeeeee mornings hours. Now they stay open for about 3 hours. There are a very few (especially here in the US) that close after 3-4 hours. Most of these kind of clubs hire 2 or 3 DJs at a time, so the most of a set is an hour long.

When a DJ DJ's the best way to get the crowd going is to mold your set so it ebb and flows (Which I talked about before about trance music). The crowd is like a pliable clay that you want to ebb and flow with the music. It's VERY difficult to do something like this in an hour or less.

SOOOO Most DJs like to post up longer sets online because that is the ONLY place for them to be able to do a 3+ hour set without having to worry about a club closing for the night. Which also means that we won't be able to do that stuff anymore if this law comes into effect.


DJ's can't do shit online anymore.

All in all I know I'm going to contact my state senator and write a pretty long letter about voting NO on this thing, and I hope everyone else does too.

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