Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Music review: Dirty Androids: DA Old Tape

I've honestly been waiting for an official CD release of something by this extremely sexy man and/or woman.
I first fell in love with this artist when I first heard Last Burning on Beatmania IIDX 17th Sirius and soon fell in love with this artists Electro style. (I know of a few people who heard me gush more when I bought the 17th Sirius OST because an extended version of that song was on there).

Brief History:

Dirty Androids is of unknown sex hence the name... Android. However, being an android seems to be perfect for them to pull off these kinds of “Dirty” sounds.

I'm not sure exactly how they started out, but it would be safe to assume through Myspace and eventually Soundcloud before being pulled into doing a few tracks for Konami's Beatmania series. I've included the link for "Last Burning", "Golden Palms", "Empire State Glory", and "New Castle Legions". The latter really reminding me of when I used to play Beatmania on Gameboy, but really you're not reading this review for that stuff... You want to know about the old/new singles CD Androids released right?

Well, I can tell you, as expected, it's pretty damn good. The songs were produced before 2008 and uploaded to Myspace only. Eventually the file restrictions meant that Android had to take them off to add in new tracks. Now available through his blog. This release contains four of his old songs entitled: "Triple Accelerator", "Lost City", the self titled "Dirty Androids", and the bonus track "Elevation Above".

Dirty Androids:

The intro for the track does wonders as the intro for the album, and when the lead synth kicks in you know that you're in store for a good time. The samplings are great, and the overall dirty sound as expected from DA is wonderful for this track. The chorus is just as great, The Breakdown is nice and smooth, before getting into the synth lead verse which is fantastic. It really is a defining track of who DA is.

Triple Accelerator:

This song has more of a kick when it comes to the bass which is perfect with the synth choice that comes in at the chorus. The crescendo in this song really brings a 'hands in the air' moment with little help of a delay filter in my opinion. I can totally see myself using this in a party/club scene. The only downfall is that this one does feel a bit repetitive, but not to the point of giving up on it. After all, the song is kinda short (even if it is the longest on the album).

Lost City:

Really turns from the normal electro/rock feel of his other tracks. This one is more laid back, but still dancelike. The chorus is very good, and the subtle bits in the verse are really really perfect for this track. The breakdown in this song is a very beautiful (still synthy) escape from the song, almost faux-instrumental without the instruments. If I could get a full length of that breakdown alone I'd be ecstatic. The outro ends abruptly in my opinion since it cuts half of the chorus, but it's so unexpected that it's really good.

Elevation Above:

DnB + Minimal... So damn beautiful, and a great track to end the album on. The intro is very instrumental before the DnB kicks in with a light bit of guitar in the background only to have it well rounded with a piano accompaniment. As quoted by a few fellow DJs who dabble in DnB told me quite a few times, "One thing that every Drum n' Bass track needs is piano. It is honestly the most beautiful combination." (EX. Beautiful Angel on Beatmania IIDX 15th DJ Troopers) And I couldn't agree more. Especially with the breakdown in this track when only the piano plays with a guitar.... *Sudden eargasm onslaught* ...It feels so damn good. This really feels like a great summer track IMHO.


All in all, this is by far the BEST buy I made this month next to Rebound. (if you watch my stream then you know the track I'm talking about). I apologize if you think my review is short, but honestly if I had it my way I'd talk about this CD quite a while then it would never be posted, so I tried to stick to a few lines for each song.

Final verdict:

I'd have to give this CD a 9.7 out of 10.

The .1 of the difference is having to wait so long for a release... the other .2 is for the repetitiveness of the second song. It's not a bad thing as I stated before, but I just have a thing against repetitiveness (which is weird since I don't mind house music and other styles that are really repetitive).

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