Tuesday, October 23, 2012

LP: Tomb Raider 2: Finale

Wow all this time it took me to realize that I didn't post the final video here. I'm a big derpy McDerpinstein.

Part 18: Final

As a note: I was taking a break after the original posting to blip.tv so I could purchase a mixer and get it accustomed to my current setup. However, funding issues, and running into scammers online caused me to be unable to purchase one yet. It's a little too late right now to start recording the next game since it's almost the middle of the week now. So I'm using the rest of this week to post stuff on ebay to sell off to raise the remaining amount I need to get the mixer.

Click on this line of random nonsensical gibberish to go to my ebay listings. "fdsalkjgreakjhdsafgukjhadvkjbxdfgsdhjgzyujbxhbkjahfjhdsfg"


Bitches be trippin', I po' as fuck, taking a 1 week hiatus after the 2 week hiatus like a baws.

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